Credentials: CSCS, USAW, Crossfit Level 1

Fave CF WOD:Today’s

Fitness Background: 3 sports in high school. College football. Aim to do some sort of race annually.  

Why CF: #1: I love the holistic approach. It’s not just about working out. To be successful (not die) in CrossFit you must have the other 22-23 hours of your life in order. This means taking care of your body by eating right and getting proper sleep. #2: It’s not just about coming in for 60mins, sweating and leaving; there’s a profound sense of community that’s engrained in the culture at our box. To be a part of a squad like this is a driving factor for a lot of people choosing CrossFit as an expression of fitness over various other options. #3: makes me harder to kill. #4: scratches the competitive itch. #5 great outlet for my intensity

Greatest CF Memory/Experience: Experience hasn’t happened yet. Heard doing the open at an affiliate is pretty wild.

-Memories CrossFitting in my high school gym with my brother whenever I visit home.

-Being part of the collective misery knowing the work ahead but going to battle anyway both as an athlete and a coach.

How long CF: On and off unofficially since summer ‘12. Joined first box(Catahoula) May ‘17


-BA in Fitness Management: Wartburg College.

-MS in Health and Kinesiology: Northeastern State University

Profession: Aspiring (college) Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Hobbies/Other interests: Trying/learning to homestead. Being around/involved with football in any aspect. Being outside. Reading, podcasts, puzzles. Pursuing excellence. Striving to be the favorite son.

Family: Tribe currently includes: Amanda, her dog, and our cats Flip and Blink. The former Lois and Cluck, RIP.